Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bright eyes lyrics

Perhaps, you know the Bright Eyes band. But do you know how many albums did they release? Answer this question and get a chance to win an Apple iPod or Microsoft Zune!
Do You Know How Many Albums Did Bright Eyes

Neko Case Middle Cyclone
It’s too bad every song on Middle Cyclone doesn’t have the lightning intensity and knife-edged lyrics of its last track. “I’ma ma-ma-man eater / An’ still ...

A Short Column About Music 2.05.09: Bright Eyes - Lifted or The ...
... but for many Oberst's lyrics, combined with his tortured wail, spoke to them. Bright Eyes' breakthrough would come with their next album, 2002's Lifted ...

Album not worth �holding’ for long
His musical career began in 1999, and since then he has worked with everyone from Bright Eyes to Neko Case to Jenny Lewis. Although still relatively unknown ...

The Black Lips, Darla Farmer, Alif Tree
A good wetting of the feet on their part – and there are props from Bright Eyes to egg them on – but they won’t survive a second album spent similarly ...

First loose tooth causes dad pain
I knew my teachers did: they had bright red pens to prove it. But c'mon, where's that elusive copy of "The International Parents Handbook: How to Be Smarter ...

HIPSTER IS THE NEW HIPPIE: U2's 'No Line on the Horizon' is boring as usual
If you watched the Grammy Awards, U2's performance was a bizarre mix of unholy kitsch and preening desperation, set against the backdrop of "Get On Your Boots," the most noxious and poisonous song from "No Line on the Horizon."

Event: The Middle East, Leader Cheetah, Super Wild Horses, The Harpoons @ EBC, Melbourne (27/02/09)
Spunk! Singles Club launched with an array of exciting and diverse Aussie up-and-comers.

U Who?
Surprise! Bet you were expecting to see a track-by-track review of U2's No Line on the Horizon in this spot. Well, here's the thing: I did that about 10 days ago when it leaked. If you missed it, you can read it at jam.canoe.ca/Music/AlbumReviews.

M. Ward crafts lullabies, simplicity on 'Hold Time'
After the accolades of last year's She & Him "Volume One," with actress Zooey Deschanel, Matt Ward stands on the cusp of breaking out. This propulsion into the limelight means that Ward's latest, "Hold Time," will be unfairly scrutinized and compared to that compilation.

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